8th Bali International Film
Festival (BALINALE) focuses on women

BALINALE will present 21 Asian, 4 International and 3 World Premieres at Cinema XXI Beachwalk, Bali on 12 – 18 October. A total of 59 movies from 18 countries are lined-up for this year’s festival.

Highlights include Opening Night Premiere MANTO ACUÍFERO (The Well) with 2010 Caméra d’Or winner Michael Rowe in attendance, Closing Night Premiere CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT Dawn Engle (USA) and 2014 Venice Film Festival award winning short MARYAM with Sidi Saleh.

Balinale is affiliated with the Motion Picture Association, Asia Pacific Screen Awards (Brisbane, Australia), International Film Festival & Awards ASEAN (Kuching, Malaysia), Asian Film Commissions Network (20 countries). This year the Balinale will also be supported by the American Film Showcase and the Sundance Film Institute.

“We adopted the theme of women because a lot of women are involved in the film industry. In Indonesia, women contribute a lot, from screenwriters, DOPs, directors, and also crew,” said the founder of Balinale, Deborah Gabinetti, at a press conference in South Jakarta, last week.

Balinale nabbed Senior Vice President of Finance and Operations of Fox Searchlight Pictures, Jill Gwen Braginets, and Donna Smith as the first woman in history to lead the production of the major studio, Universal Pictures, as well as the United States movie ambassador to China as the main speakers at the Bali International Film Festival 2014.